Refossiling News!

Responses have now all gone out for The Refossiling.

There were an incredible number of great submissions, making for some wrenching decisions. It never quite came down to a Thunderdome battle, but damn, it was close. Had to pass on some really fantastic pieces that I’m sure I’ll be kicking myself over for a long time.

Huge thanks to everyone who sent in their work! Getting out there, sending stuff out, is its own momentous challenge and victory, whatever the result. Rejections only mean that, for whatever reason, it didn’t fit this particular project. Blame the editor. It’s not you, it’s me.

To those whose pieces I chose, thank you as well! Once I’ve gotten confirmation that all the acceptances are still available, I’ll be sending out contracts, pestering for bios, and so on. Then begin the edits.

Individual announcements welcome; the full lineup to be posted soon! Though, of course, the actual order of the Table of Contents won’t be finalized until later.

Cover art is being done by the talented and prolific Stephen Cooney, whose signature style promises something deliciously creepy. Stay tuned!

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