Refossileer Spotlight, Day 6 — Doug Rinaldi

The hometown horror tale of weird-meets-mundane is always best with key elements drawn from real life, from childhood memories and adventures. We’ve seen it from King and Keene; now it’s Doug Rinaldi’s turn!

He stepped out into the hallway in nothing but his underwear, hiked up over his stomach like a miniature Sumo wrestler. As he moaned, he held out his arms towards me and stomped his feet in a slow beat. Blood trickled out from his eyes and ears, mixing with the sweat covering his pasty skin. – “The Incident in Central Village” by Doug Rinaldi

* What inspired your piece in The Refossiling?

DR: I spent weekends with my dad in Central Village, a little town in eastern CT. I always thought its name was kinda hokey, so when I recalled certain events that had happened to me while visiting, I developed the idea of it being some sort of chaotic portal. It was fun recalling some of the times I had spent there as a kid. That’s why I incorporated a bunch of actual incidents and mishaps into the story. The locations are real, the bike riding “accidents” really happened, and my step brother legitimately freaked out like he did in the story, though he wasn’t possessed, he had a very high fever and was hallucinating. Oh, the good ole days.

* Where can readers and fans find more of your work?

DR: Most everything I have currently published can be found on Amazon. Here’s a link to my Amazon Author page:

* Who are your main creative influences, literary/artistic or otherwise?

DR: I can blame a lot of my influences, ideologies, and points of view on people like George Carlin, Clive Barker, HP Lovecraft. All three have literary AND artistic street cred, and it’d be hard to challenge their influence on this side of society.

* Current ________ and why?

B. obsession / F. craving

DR: Craft beer. I’ve always been a fan of good beer, but once I discovered the whole artistic side of creating unique and delicious craft brews my eyes were opened to a whole new world of flavor combinations. So, I am always on the hunt for new craft beers to try.

* What’re you working on, what is your process/routine like?

DR: Currently, I am working on my finishing my first novel, White Island, and my second short story collection, Forever, Cried the Abyss. Between those two massive undertakings, I am working on a handmade chapbook type thing of poetry, rants, and artwork, as well as my third screenplay, Eyes of Tragedy. As far as process goes,I don’t have a process. I can only produce when the need is too overwhelming to ignore. I’d like to get it down to something similar to punching in and out so I’d have more quality time doing it as well as discipline.

* Most useless advice you’ve ever seriously given or been given?

DR: Don’t go swimmin’ with bow-legged women.

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