Refossileer Spotlight, Day 16 — K.H. Koehler

From sexy mummies to giant monsters, dark lady of horror K.H. Koehler never slows down. If the day ever comes that she herself ends up in a “Retirement Home,” she’ll probably be as feisty as some of the characters in her story for The Refossiling!

Down the hallway the darkness parted like a curtain and Victor saw eyes. A lot of them. Green and white and bright hellblazing red. Blinking eyes. Laughing eyes. – “Retirement Home” by K.H. Koehler

* What inspired your piece in The Refossiling?

KHK: I’m an avid old monster movie fan. I love the classics.

* Favorite extinct or prehistoric lifeform and why?

KHK: I’m fascinated by all dinosaurs. As a kid, I used to collect countless books. As an adult, I continue to love writing about them.

* Where can readers and fans find more of your work?

KHK: My books are widely available at Amazon, Amazon International Sites, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and Omnilit, or simply visit

* Share your best, or worst, body-of-water-related memory/experience!

KHK: When I was six, I nearly drowned in a lake. But that didn’t stop me, and I got right back in.

* Who are your main creative influences, literary/artistic or otherwise?

KHK: I borrow from pretty much everything I see or read. I’m sort of an all-purpose, salad-bowl writer.

* Current peeve and why?

KHK: Incompetence. Nothing sets me off faster.

* What’re you working on, what is your process/routine like?

KHK: Currently, I’m writing two books at once, a new Nick Englebrecht novel, Devil Dog Days, the publisher to be announced, and a book I was asked to write according to Severed Press’s guidelines called Dinosaur Valley. As a career genre writer, I write every day–or every day I’m able to–and it’s not unusual for me to have 2-4 projects going at once.

* What’s the weirdest object you own? Backstory!

KHK: An antique deck of Old West playing cards said to be haunted by the spirit of a dead gunfighter.

* Most useless advice you’ve ever seriously given or been given?

KHK: The worse advice would probably be, “Write what you know.” You need to step outside your comfort zone in order to be a good writer.

* What kind of question do you always wish these questionnaires would ask, and how would you answer it?

KHK: That would probably be, “Why do you think you became a horror writer?” The answer would be because my mom saw Willard in the movies when I was in utero. People warned her, but she wouldn’t listen.

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