Refossileer Spotlight, Day 19 — Doug Blakeslee

It’s somehow fitting that Doug Blakeslee should get the Friday the 13th spot, as he’s about to spend the day letting a certain editor drive him clear across the state and back for a weekend at RadCon … wish him well!

This was one of the hidden places where people vanished, never to be found except for a few bones or scraps of clothing. Dead-end canyons and lack of preparation were blamed for their loss, not the dark creatures of legends and power that lived here. They no longer heeded the call of Fae or man, if they ever did in the first place. – “Frozen in Stone” by Doug Blakeslee

* What inspired your piece in The Refossiling?

DB: Having a giant fossilized T-Rex stomping around in the end, everything else was built around it. I did make an effort to include one of the characters from my story in the first Fossil Lake to provide some continuity.

* Favorite extinct or prehistoric lifeform and why?

DB: Not the aforementioned T-Rex, but the Triceratops. As a kid, I thought it was the coolest-looking dinosaur, which was reinforced by the statue in front of the Natural History Museum in Washington DC. Not even being “placid” herbivores could take away their coolness. In my mind, they were just biding their time and waiting for the perfect opportunity to strike. Then came that damn meteor.

* Where can readers and fans find more of your work?

DB: I have to give a big shout out to Smart Rhino Publication who has published four of my stories to date. Other publishers include Grinning Skull Press, April Moon, Alchemy Press, and Seventh Star Press. I’ve got stories coming from Knightwatch Press and Fringeworks in the near future.

* Share your best, or worst, body-of-water-related memory/experience!

DB: I used to swim a lot during my youth and never had a particularly good or bad body-of-water experience.

* Who are your main creative influences, literary/artistic or otherwise?

DB: That’s a big range. Authors such as Lin Carter, Edgar Rice Burroughs, and HG Wells formed a lot of my early reading. Moving on to Lovecraft, King, & Tolkien after high school. Monster movies, especially the old black & white ones of the 50’s & 60’s left a big impression and definitely influenced a string of monster related short stories.

* Current obsession and why?

DB: Minecraft and watching Markiplier and his Drunk Minecraft videos. It’s one of those oddly addictive games and I love just tooling around searching out the “perfect” place to build a grand tower of evil.

* What’re you working on, what is your process/routine like?

DB: Current project is a novel about a war between the Fae. My writing routine is an hour in the morning before work and then a couple hours in the evening. I find the most productive time is being out of the house and writing at a local coffee shop. Also, being fueled by Mexican food helps.

* What’s the weirdest object you own? Backstory!

DB: It’s a metal vase, made of iron with a Chinese dragon motif. It’s not well made and has a few flaws, but at a distance it looks really neat. No idea where it came from or how my sister gained possession in the first place, but I have it and like to think that some craftsman got paid a small fortune to make it, then took off with the Emperors funds which he spent on booze and hookers.

* Most useless advice you’ve ever seriously given or been given?

DB: Been given – don’t worry, be happy. People should be slapped for squawking that stupid mantra.

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