About the Editor:

Christine Morgan is so terribly afraid of being exposed as a fandom hack that she’s written over two million words of fanfiction since 1996 and posted it all online under her own real name in hopes that nobody will ever ever ever find out.

She’s the terribly unfit mother of a daughter who was published at 14 and is currently in college majoring in technical theater. Whether or not they’d be better off as orphans is something for her and her attic-sister to determine.

Despite frequent urgings to get out of the writing biz and start a new career as a lunch lady, Christine persists in working her night shift job in a psych facility … the pay’s a bit better, there’s free time to write, and no hairnet is required.

Christine is the author of about twenty novels and has had dozens of stories published in anthologies and magazines. She’s been a regular contributor to The Horror Fiction Review, attends as many conventions as the budget will allow, and has recently begun taking on more editing gigs.


About the Publisher:

Sabledrake Enterprises began as a self-publishing venture, following an embittering experience involving Christine’s debut fantasy novel and being taken advantage of by a scam press (hence part of her ongoing crusade to watchdog in at least some small manner).  The subsequent sequels and second trilogy, as well as a series for younger readers, were joined by various horror and thriller projects.

For a brief time, Sabledrake cooperatively published several YA and superhero novels by Rob St. Martin. The online ‘zine Sabledrake Magazine ran monthly through 2000 and quarterly from 2001-2004.

Additionally, Sabledrake Magazine is the publisher of the roleplaying supplement Naughty and Dice: An Adult Gamer’s Guide to Sexual Situations, and the low fantasy medieval worldbook / game system for Ellis: A Kingdom in Turmoil.


Fossil Lake, a History:

The initial publisher for the original incarnation of Fossil Lake was Janrae Frank, of Daverana Enterprises. After her untimely passing, mere days before the official release date, the book soon went out of print … but the editor and contributors were willing to rally ’round, do a reprint edition, and keep the legacy going. Fossil Lake is dedicated to her memory.


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