Box o’ books!

For those of you who prefer to order direct from the publisher, and maybe score a couple autographs into the bargain, here’s your chance!


We also have copies of the previous volumes available, more than glad to cut a deal! Leave a message here or email!

Fossil Fuels!

We brought a goodie tray to Bizarro Con! Treats from from Trilby, Nutty Lil’ Nicky, Ossi-Raptor, and all your friends at Fossil Lake!fossilfuel
Tril-O-Bites: sugar cookie with pecan
Skull Cups – Reese’s with white chocolate pretzel
Sediment Squares – gooey marshmallow brownie
Dino-Snaps – crisp lemon cookies with tracks
S’Mores and Vanilla Cupcake Goldfish crackers
Milk Dud coprolites


Best of all, we were honored to receive a review blurb by that titan of the genre, Carlton Mellick III!



Here’s a list of the talent you can look forward to in UNICORNADO! Give ’em a hand, or a horn, folks … they knocked it out of the park!

“Pandora’s Super-Sparkly Doom-icorn Blind Box,” story by Shawn Anderson
“The Last Unicorn,” story by Sydel Brown
“Unicornado Miami: The Aftermath,” comic by Carl N. Brown
“What’d You Wish For?” story by Shenoa Carroll-Bradd
“Cosmic Unicorn Thunderfuck,” story by Calum Chalmers
“Haikunicorns and Limiricanes, a Collective,” poems by Stygia Deal
“Nectar of God,” story by S.L. Dixon
“The Hunting of the Unicorn,” poem by Morgan Downie
“The Hazards of Owning a Unicorn,” story by Lyn Godfrey
“Don’t Let It End,” story by John Goodrich
“The Modern Equus,” poem by Amelia Gorman
“Birthday Boy,” story by Nikki Guerlain
“Unicorn’s Complaint,” poem by Victoria Harkavy
“The Maven,” story by Nikki Hetfield
“Harold Hates Horses,” story by Justin Hunter
“A Sad and Hopeful Melody,” story by Terry Ibele
“My Lil Poem,” poem by Joel Kaplan
“The Unicorn and the Blobfish,” story by Kerry G.S. Lipp
“Prickless on Parade,” story by Troy Lockport
“Mating Season,” story by David Nielsen
“The RoboCorn 6001,” story by Logan Noble
“GEUs,” story by Sheryl Normandeau
“I Love My Job,” story by J.M. Northwood
“Unicorn Prayers,” story by Mary Pletsch
“The Unicorn Graveyard,” story by Rodello Santos
“The Unicorns of Rainbow Lake,” story by Frank Sawielijew
“Afternoon Delight,” story by Amy Shepherd
“Double Rainbow,” story by Michael Shimek
“The Glitter Run,” story by Dominic Stabile
“Unicorphosis,” story by Peter Sutton
“Pete the Pirate’s Strange Sea Story,” story by Berti Walker
“Horns of Silver and Gold,” story by Stanley Webb

(fine print blah-de-blah some titles may be subject to change, possible last minute adjustments may apply, final order yet to be determined, etc.)