Fossil Lake IV


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Table of Contents:

Lost Import by Tim Meyer

My Body Lies Over Sharkzilla by David W. Barbee

The Beauty of Mount Sagitta by Sheryl Normandeau

A Line in the Sand by Kevin Holton

Finding Megalodon by Richard King Perkins II

Hunted Origins by Mike West

The Lost Island of the Sharkasaurus by T. W. Garland

Transition by Sara Codair

Bite Marks by Amy Fontaine

The Mermaid’s Purse by Em Dehaney

Jurassic Snack by Frank Roger

The Swimming Pool by Trevor Tolliver

The Bumblesaurs by Sara Wilson

Tarantulasaurus Rex! by Jeffrey Blevins

The Shark That Ate Everything by Amber Fallon

Falling Stars by Jonah Buck

The Feast by Jennifer Crow

This is the Way the World Ends, Not With a Bang but With Wizard-Sharks by Jarod Anderson

Belly of the Beast by Courtney Cullinan

Junior by Gary Couzens

When a Sailor Loves, He Loves So Deep by Amelia Gorman

Scales of Injustice by G.H. Finn

Bronson’s Shark Tank by G. Arthur Brown

Old-Fashioned Farming by Emma Tonkin

Shark’s Tooth by Ken Goldman

Bikini Ergo Sum by Justin Short

The Discovery of Loch Ness by Carissa Harwood

Somehow, The Mounting of Dinosaurs, and Then by Sara Wilson

Hungry by Amy Fontaine

How to Make a Monster by Mary Pletsch

Waters That Sparkled So Green by Oliver Smith

MMM Micro-Sharkasaurus by Becca J. Morgan

Other Oceans by Blair Frison

Sharkasaurus Slim by Stumpy McDermit

No Cure For Cancer by Paul M. Feeney

Shark-Infested Custard by Richard Leavesley

The Life You Want But With Sharks by Leslie Anderson, Evan Dicken


4 thoughts on “Fossil Lake IV

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  4. Tarantulasaurus Rex! By Jeffrey Blevins has to be one of the funniest stories I have read in a very long time. His sense of humor dabbles in the dark side, and his analogies are quite blunt. His way of writing is outlandish and crude, and I love it!

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