“A mix of horror and humor, the frightful and the bizarre, this darker than dark anthology is transgressive and fun.  FOSSIL LAKE is truly and “literary” an eye in the shadows, a glimpse of terrors big and small in all their horrific forms as they make a home in Fossil Lake.  Readers are sure to fear the dark of grandparental basements — this anthology is better than the best of Norwood’s Discoveries!” —Mary SanGiovanni, author of CHAOS and THE FADING PLACE

“These stories had sentences most of which could be diagrammed by a high school teacher using basic rules of syntax! Words were spelled correctly! And there were lotsa sentences where words were not skipped! There was narrative flow, and outre as the stories might be, there were coherent plots! Dialog, well, read it out loud: it sounded what real people might say given the circumstances of the stories. Well whoopee, Strunk & White complaint writing. This book was written for people who read their books from left to right, word by word, sentence by sentence, top down, slaves to the authors’ thoughts and intents.” — Carl N., on Amazon

“Why I will not support Fossil Lake, there is many reasons – namely because of the key authors involved slandered my name on a number of occassions. ” — Nicky P., (whinerbaby complaint on Amazon; removed)

“Christine Morgan is quite amoral in her publishing practices and does lowbrow tactics to stifle rival publishers even from the days of 2008 when I made the vow not to buy an author’s book when he died because we had bad blood in life.” — Nicky P., (replacement whinerbaby complaint)


“I loved this anthology! I found all of the stories to be entertaining and well written. This book was extremely fun, and had just the right mix of horror and humor. I definitely recommend this title, and will be purchasing the sequel as soon as it is available.” — V., on Amazon

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